Leonie is a PhD candidate with the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she researches Japanese Gothic in the age of animist capitalism. Her research interests include Japanese Gothic, Japanese horror, Asian Gothic, socioeconomics, capitalist realism, literature and film.


(Fantastika Journal, February 2022)

Selected conference papers

She Gets You Through the Phone: Criminal Commodities and Communications Technologies in the Techno-Animism of One Missed Call

(Captivating Criminality, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 2023)

Chair Gives an Evil Cackle: Japanese Gothic in the Age of Animist Capitalism

(De-Westernizing Horror, KCL, 2022)

A Phone was Found Inside Her: Techno-Animism as Trauma in the Folklore of Ju-On: Origins

(Gothic in Asia Association, online, 2022)

Love in a Chair: Commodity Animism and the Prophetic Past in Edogawa Rampo’s The Human Chair

(The Past as Nightmare, Reading University, 2022)

You Want to See Your Feet Come Off, Don’t You?: The Logic of Commodity Animism in Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and Ryu Murakami’s Audition

(International Gothic Association, University of Dublin, 2022)

She Lusted After Buildings, and They Lusted After Her: Fetishizing the Domestic Space in Junji Ito’s Fragments of Horror

(Gothic Spaces, Tokyo University, 2019)

My Hands, My Feet—They Existed Only for the Store!: The Search for an Empty Self in Sayaka Murata’s Convenience Store Woman

(Reimagining the Gothic, Sheffield University, 2018)

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