Leonie Rowland is the author of This Time of Life is Meant for Savages (2023) and In Bed with Melon Bread (2021). She is currently doing her PhD with the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she researches animated objects in Japanese horror. Leonie was the co-director of Grimmfest, Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Film, for the duration of 2023. She was also the founder and editor-in-chief of the Hungry Ghost Project, a small press that published stories and poetry about food and hauntings in support of Big Issue North. Leonie writes prose poetry, flash fiction and short stories, usually about being human in a more-than-human world.

Send me a prompt

To celebrate the release of my new collection, This Time of Life is Meant for Savages, I have been writing personalised poems on my typewriter for anyone who sends in a prompt. I have found writing like this very fulfilling & would love to continue the project. So, if you are reading this, please send me a word or phrase along with your address & I will post you a typewritten poem!